Oil and Coolant Filtration Equipment

At Hoffmann Filter Corporation, we pride ourselves on carrying the most extensive line of oil and coolant filtration equipment available in the industry. Our filters are custom-designed to meet your exact needs, and we have solutions available for a wide range of industries. We work closely with our customers to insure that from the time we quote until long after your equipment is up and running, we are “Your Partner in Filtration.”

Hoffmann US manufacturing operations. Hoffmann Filter Corporation has a second building in New Hudson, MI – close to our main manufacturing facility in Brighton, MI. This new addition will allow Hoffmann to take on even more projects catered to customers across a variety of industries.

UBF-1 Specialty Systems filters

UBF // The Indestructible One – Suction Band Filter system for applications with a high stock removal rate, and where fine filtration is required, nothing is more efficient.

tbf Specialty Systems

The Deep Bed Band Filter System takes the traditional band filter concept to the next level. Superior filtration and no messy overflows.

hsf200 Specialty Systems filters

The Original – the Hoffmann HSF Suction Belt Filtration System has become a global market leader for gear grinding applications.

Ideal for water-based applications, the Flat Bed Band Filter Systems are fully automated yet economical systems.

Hoffmann Filter Corporation offers a complete line of accessories to compliment our base filter systems.

The Centrifuge Coolant System – A different approach to cleaning cutting fluids and separation employing forces that exceed 1000 G’s.

The Clear One – For extremely fine filtration and great success on applications that require an extremely high surface finish.

specialty sytems filters

At Hoffmann Filter Corporation, we have the ability to use several different models of our filters to run as centralized systems.