The Enhanced One

The Deep Bed Band Filter System takes the traditional band filter concept to the next level, providing superior filtration and avoiding messy overflows.

The TBF models are ideal for oil-based applications, as well as water-based applications. On the deep Bed Band Filter, coolant enters into an integrated sump where it is pumped into a deep bed band filter area. The deep filter bed provides up to eight additional inches of gravity pull, depending on the model. The sides of the filter bed use Buna or viton seals to prevent coolant from bypassing the filter media. The stock removal that builds on the filter media creates a “cake,” which provides additional filtration.

A float switch is used to automatically transport the media. When the coolant reaches a certain level, it automatically transports the media


  • Steel grinding
  • Cast iron
  • Ideal for oil-based coolants
  • Unique high wall design in filter area prevents messy overflow while also allowing for improved filtration quality
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Cooler
  • Magnetic separators
  • Fine filter vessels
  • Oil skimmers
Model Filter Area Filter Media Width Flow Rate
TBF 5/19 7 sq.ft. 20″ 30 GPM
TBF 7/19 10 sq. ft. 27″ 40 GPM
TBF 10/19 14 sq. ft. 39″ 70 GPM
TBF 13/19 18 sq. ft. 51″ 80 GPM