Hoffmann Filter Reduces Wiring, Improves Filter Diagnostics With Siemens Unique, In-Cabinet IO-Link

Posted on July 25, 2019

From the automotive sector to startups, manufacturers know that contaminated grinding and cutting system cooling lubricants can wreak havoc on the bottom line. Improperly filtered fluids damage components costing hundreds of thousands of dollars on multi-milliondollar systems. Imprecise parts waste labor time and materials. And, when an automotive production line goes down, it can cost tens of thousands per minute.

For more than 30 years, Hoffmann Filter Corporation, Brighton, Michigan, has partnered with manufacturers large and small supplying them with compact, dependable and effective filtration systems. The company’s filters deliver filter fineness from one to 100 microns. Its filtration capacities are extensive as well, from five to more than 2,000 gallons-per-minute (GPM). Cooling capacities range from one to 200 tons.